About the Education Achievement Service for South East Wales


The five local authorities of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen have formed an Education Achievement Service (EAS) which is designed to raise education standards in South East Wales.


Standards in schools have got progressively worse and recent secondary school banding information revealed that South East Wales had the highest number of schools in the lower bands. This information highlights the underperformance in schools, and the need for a significant shift in the way that education services are structured to support improvement. It also shows where the greatest need is in the region and where the EAS will need to focus its resources.


By working together as part of an integrated service to support and challenge schools effectively, enhance front line services and make the most of the available resources, progress will take place quickly and effectively.


The service will intensely monitor, support and challenge schools. Benefits of the service include increased capacity to support schools that require challenge, using data more effectively to focus on outcomes, identifying good practice across schools that can be used to improve outcomes, more efficient administration and facilitating professional learning communities.


The vision of the EAS is:


“delivering excellent achievement for all learners, through high individual and collective accountability, set within a culture of effective mutual support and challenge.”


The values of the service are:


logical and


The values are the default on which all working and action is based. They will be visible in the daily activity of all partnerships and relationships with the EAS.


The EAS is a separate legal entity although the five councils have overall control of the organisation. The service is wholly owned by the five local authorities and operates on a not-for-profit basis.


The company board comprises the Director of the EAS and Elected Member representatives from the partner councils who do not hold the portfolio of education. The executive function for education in each council has formed the Joint Executive Group (JEG) to commission services from the EAS on behalf of the five local authorities.


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